31 Positive Affirmations To Block Negative Energy

31 Positive Affirmations To Block Negative Energy

Today, I’m sharing my favortie powerful affirmations to block negative energy and attract positive energy into your life. Use these positive affirmations to be the energy you want to attract.

Negative energy is all around us. It’s in our minds, homes, immediate environment and in the media.

We all have those days where everything feels like a struggle and we can’t seem to catch a break.

It may feel like it’s impossible to escape it, but you can learn to block out the negative energy and influences.

You have the power to change your mindset and attract positive energy and vibes into your life – repeating affirmations are a great way to do just that.

Affirmations are positive statements that can help to reprogram your mind and change your thinking patterns. They can help to refocus your thoughts and change your mindset.

So, if you’re looking for some inspiration, here are 31 positive affirmations to help block negative energy.

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31 Powerful Affirmations To Block Negative Energy And Attract Positive Energy

  1. I am thankful that the Higher Power is always guiding me
  2. I feel safe knowing that the Higher Power is always protecting me
  3. I am grateful for the positivity within me
  4. I am thankful for all the abundance already in my life
  5. I love myself unconditionally
  6. I am committed to positive self talk
  7. I am thankful that everything I seek is already within me
  8. I choose to be present in each moment
  9. I choose positivity and happiness in every moment
  10. I am the positive energy I attract and receive
  11. My thoughts and beliefs are reflected in my reality and I choose positive thoughts and beliefs
  12. My life keeps getting better and better
  13. Each day I rise higher spiritually, mentally and emotionally
  14. I am connected with my higher self and trust my intuition
  15. I am open and ready to shine brightly
  16. I choose and enjoy looking for the good in every situation
  17. Everything always works out in the best way for me
  18. I am available and ready to receive the best that life has to offer
  19. I am open to receive the opportunites to take me to the next level
  20. I am open and ready to receive positive experiences
  21. I trust in the timing of my life
  22. I have everything I need within me to handle everything that comes my way
  23. I am grateful to be surrounded by supportive and uplifting people
  24. I release all negative and limiting beliefs I have about myself
  25. I forgive myself and others and let go of the past
  26. I let go of things that no longer serve me
  27. I am unattached to limits and restrictions
  28. I let go of negative situations
  29. I let go of the negative impact people have on me
  30. Every negative situation is an opportunity for me to grow and a stepping stone to allow me to rise higher
  31. With each breath I release negativity and inhale positivity
block negative energy affirmations - be the energy you want to attract - gratefulmanifesting

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How To Use Positive Affirmations To Block Negative Energy

Use these protection affirmations in this post to guard and protect your energy and the energy around you.

I’ve found that I get the best results when I practice repeating positive affirmations in this way:

  • Before repeating any affirmation, start by breathing deeply to help you to relax.
  • When you repeat the affirmation, be sure to do so with emotion and feeling.
  • It is also extremely helpful to visualize while you’re repeating the positive affirmation.

If you follow this method and practice repeating these affirmations every day, your subconscious mind should begin to believe what you’re saying.

As a result, it will also start to reflect that belief in your actions and behaviors.

If you’re having trouble believing the affirmations, try this:

Take some time to reframe those negative thoughts and beliefs into positive statements and look for evidence to support your new positive thoughts. The evidence will help you to believe in the affirmation over time.

How To Use Affirmations To Block Negativity

  • bookmark this page to choose a positive affirmation daily
  • choose one affirmation and make it your affirmation for the week
  • start and end your day with a positive affirmation that resonates with you
  • write your affirmations on a post it and sitck it in areas where you will see them often
  • write your favorite affirmations on pieces of paper or post-it notes and carry them around with you to read throughout the day
  • record yourself saying the positive affirmations and listen to them
  • say your affirmations out loud to yourself multiple times each day
  • create a wallpaper for your digital device, using your favorite protection affirmations
  • start planning your day by writing your affirmation first
  • create reminders on your digital device using your favorite affirmations
  • create a protection affirmation jar and grab one each day
  • send yourself a daily email with your favorite positive affirmations

You can also use these affirmations as inspiration to create your own positive affirmations.

I find the best way to create your own affirmations is to focus on using positive words and avoid using negative words.

The key is to find a method that works for you and then be consistent with it.

positive affirmations to block negative energy - be the energy you want to attract - gratefulmanifesting


The positive affirmations in this post will help you to remember that you are the energy you attract and that you are capable of changing your energy to attract more positivity into your life.

It is important to remember that words are powerful. The words you say to yourself can either help or hurt you.

Positive affirmations are a great way to block out negative energy and create a more positive mindset, energy and vibes.

When you practice positive self talk and use positive affirmations, you are helping to block out negative energy and you are inviting positive energy into your life.

So, the next time you find yourself feeling negative energy, take a step back and take note of what you’re telling yourself.

Make the choice to repeat these positive affirmations and feel the negative energy dissipate.

You will love these affirmations

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