53 Law Of Assumption Affirmations To Manifest Anything You Want

53 Law Of Assumption Affirmations To Manifest Anything You Want

These powerful law of assumption affirmations will help you to harness the power of this universal law and manifest anything you desire.

When it comes to manifesting what you want in life, the law of assumption is key.

By using these affirmations, you can change your mindset and attract what you want into your life.

The law of assumption states that whatever we assume to be true will be manifested in our lives.

To put this into practice, you can use affirmations to attract the things you want in life.

These 53 law of assumption affirmations. By speaking these words out loud, you’ll begin to attract abundance in all areas of your life.

Whether it’s money, love, or success, anything is possible if you assume and believe it to be true. So start using these affirmations today and see what the Universe has in store for you!

53 Law Of Assumption Affirmations

  1. I am grateful that the Higher Power is always guiding me
  2. I am thankful for all the abundance in my life
  3. I love myself unconditionally
  4. My personal reality is a reflection of my inner reality
  5. My thoughts and beliefs form my personal reality
  6. What I focus on expands in my reality
  7. I have unwavering belief that in my manifestation
  8. Everything always works out for me in the best way
  9. My life keeps getting better and better everyday
  10. I trust my intuition
  11. I trust the timing of my life
  12. I am limitless
  13. I let go of limiting beliefs and negativity
  14. I forgive and let go of the past
  15. I release fear and anxiety of the future
  16. I let go of everything that does not serve me
  17. I choose to live in the present moment
  18. I choose gratitude in every moment
  19. I choose happiness in each moment
  20. I have the power to control my thoughts, beliefs and therefore my reality
  21. I am certain that my manifestation will come through at the best time
  22. I am open to receive everything I desire
  23. I am in alignment with what I want to manifest
  24. I am aligned with abundance
  25. What I assume and feel will manifest
  26. I deserve everything I want to manifest
  27. I am worthy of all my desires
  28. I create my reality through my thoughts and beliefs
  29. I am capable of powerful change through inner work
  30. My true beliefs and energy are reflected in my reality
  31. I am the energy I attract
  32. I enjoy creating the best life for me
  33. I am open and available for the best that life has to offer
  34. I am aligned with my desires and effortlessly attract my manifestations
  35. My success is inevitable
  36. I am open to attracting and receiving opportunities
  37. I allow it all to be worked out easily for me
  38. I am meant to experience the life I want
  39. I choose to believe that nothing is too big for me to attract and receive
  40. It’s all working out effortlessly in my favor
  41. It’s easy for me to attract something I want to manifest
  42. It’s easy for me to be guided by the Higher Power through the path of least resistence
  43. It feels safe for me to be my authentic self
  44. I get better every day
  45. My intentions, thoughts and beliefs are always manifesting
  46. Everything I desire flows to me effortlessly
  47. I am a powerful magnet for everything I desire
  48. When I focus on positivity, life gets better
  49. I am love and light
  50. I attract the right people and experiences
  51. I am the change I need
  52. I alerady have everything I need within me to manifest my best life
  53. I am open and ready to receive abundance

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How To Use Law Of Assumption Affirmations

Use these affirmations in this post to feel safe and confident to trust the process and timing of your life.

I’ve found that I get the best results when I practice repeating law of assumption affirmations in this way:

  • Before repeating any affirmation, start by breathing deeply to help you to relax.
  • When you repeat the affirmation, be sure to do so with emotion and feeling.
  • It is also extremely helpful to visualize while you’re repeating the positive affirmation.

If you follow this method and practice repeating these affirmations every day, your subconscious mind should begin to believe what you’re saying.

As a result, it will also start to reflect that belief in your actions and behaviors.

If you’re having trouble believing the affirmations, try this:

Take some time to reframe those negative thoughts and beliefs into positive statements and look for evidence to support your new positive thoughts. The evidence will help you to believe in the affirmation over time.

How To Use Law Of Assumption Affirmations

  • bookmark this page to choose a law of assumption affirmation
  • choose one law of assumption affirmation and make it your affirmation for the week
  • start and end your day with a positive affirmation that resonates with you
  • write your affirmations on a post it and sitck it in areas where you will see them often
  • write your favorite affirmations on pieces of paper or post-it notes and carry them around with you to read throughout the day
  • record yourself saying the positive affirmations and listen to them
  • say your affirmations out loud to yourself multiple times each day
  • create a wallpaper for your digital device, using your favorite affirmations
  • start planning your day by writing your affirmation first
  • create reminders on your digital device using your favorite affirmations
  • create an affirmation jar and grab one each day
  • send yourself a daily email with your favorite positive affirmations

You can also use these affirmations as inspiration to create your own law of assumption affirmations.

I find the best way to create your own affirmations is to focus on using positive words and avoid using negative words.

The key is to find a method that works for you and then be consistent with it.

Take Away

In conclusion, repeating law of assumption affirmations is a powerful way to manifest anything you want.

By affirming what you want as if it’s already happening, you’re putting yourself in the mindset of receiving it.

This allows you to take actions from a place of confidence and certainty, which are essential for manifestation.

So start using the law of assumption today and start manifesting everything you want into your life.

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